Cristopher Doyle

Today’s post is like some kind of personal tribute to who IMHO is one of the coolest professionals in cinema. I am talking Cristopher Doyle: actor, director, director of photography, photographer and lover of colors and weird  camera angles. Doyle is best-known thanks to his colabs with HK director Wong Kar Wai but the truth is that he has also worked with famous directors like Gus Van Sant, Zhang Yimou or more recently (see previous post) Jim Jarmusch.

Colors. In any of the films where he has taken a role as cameraman-director of photography, the first thing one immediately realizes is how important colors are for him. Strong contrasts, vivid colors, over-saturated backgrounds… Everything goes to another dimension, like if everything was really 3D on the screen.

Compositions. Using the most weird camera angles, WKW manages to create almost-pictoric representations of the scenes the director pretends to shoot. Recently, while watching The Limits of Control, I had to refrain myself from thinking I was seeing a succession of photographs rather than a full feature film.

I love this approach to cinema.


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