Kagemusha / 影武者


影武者はアーチストの映画だよ。ベースは武田クランの話ですけど、説明ために黒澤明は4色を使ってる:青い/黒(風)、緑 (林)、 赤 (火)、 青い (山)。映画中で、色のコンポジションはめっちゃ奇麗、撮影と照明はいつも素晴らしい。

I really enjoy Akira Kurosawa films. Recently, I bought a book about his movies, which is full of stories related to the making of his films. Perhaps the most interesting are the ones related to Kagemusha. Since I had never watched it, today I did.

Kagemusha is a truly masterpiece. It revolves around the late history of the Takeda Clan, and, because this, Kurosawa constantly plays with 4 colors representing the 4 elements of the clan (Dark blue – wind, Green – Woods, Red – Fire, Blue – Mountain). Color composition inside the movie is superb, with an excellent illumination and photography.


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