The Hangover / 二日酔い

Another mild movie to ease one’s state of mind. If you have seen SuperBad, The 40 year old virgin or similar movies from the Apatow clan, then you are totally ready for this. Similar to the concept seen in Very Bad Things (actually the French title for the movie is Very Bad Trip), this movie starts the next day of a Bachelor Party where everything went too far. A tiger in the bathroom, a missing tooth, a baby in the fridge are some of the hints left by the previous night… with the scary fact that the man being married is not there. The movie revolves around all the friends looking for the missing man and trying to find out what happened.

SuperBadとかThe 40 year old virgin」を見ったら、あの映画はけっこう似てる。友達、結婚披露宴の前にラスべガスでパーティをして、次の日でぜんぜん覚えてない。それで、結婚している奴は消えた!!!



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