Muerte de un ciclista / 恐怖の逢引

In 1939, Spain saw the end of a Civil War and the beginning of World War 2. From that point, a dictatorship of almost 40 years started and imposed a severe censorship on almost everything.

1939, スペインの内戦が終わって、第二次世界大戦が始まった。それで、40年間の独裁政権があって、厳しいで映画のコンテンツを調べてされた。

Talking about the class conflict was a completely NO-NO, but some directors managed to elude the censors. One of the them would be Bardem with Death of a Cyclist.


Filmed in 1955, Death of a Cyclist tells us the story of a couple involved in a road accident with a cyclist that decide to run away. Their reasons: the fact that nobody saw them and the fact that the woman is already married to a rich and important person. Their selfishness, their secrets, the tension when somebody starts blackmailing them pop up in the movie asking the same question all over again: to what point should we go in order to keep a certain position in the society?




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