El verdugo (1963)

Comparable to the previously commented El pisito, El verdugo takes place a few years later, in 1963. It’s a very similar movie, in the sense that it treats the hazards and contradictions that the Spanish society had to face after the war (still in 1963…).  An undertaker fells in love with the daughter of an Executioner. In order to keep the flat he just received from the state, he’ll have to continue his father-in-law profession. As I said, you can compare it to El pisito but there is a lot more of acidity; specially, thanks to the Pepe Isbert! Who would tell you that the little man is an executioner!

「El pisito」と似てるよけど、「El verdugo」は63年の映画です。さて、映画の目的は一緒。戦争の後で、スペインの社会すごい困ったけど、この映画で生活の問題を出てるよ。


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