Sónar / ソーナー

One of my goals for the year was to attend to the Sónar 2010. At first, I thought it might be impossible, but some circumstances allowed me to end buying tickets for this year’s edition. I asked beforehand through Facebook and old friends if somebody was interested in attending but the replies I got were quite underwhelming: “Junkies’ festival”, “uninteresting”, “too expensive”, “not my thing”, etc. At the end, I decided to go alone but just to the Friday night sessions. I decided to check Air, Flying Lotus, Plastikman, 2 Many DJ’s and Booka Shade. However, I modified quite a bit my original plans due to the amount of people there and also due to the fact that by 5 AM I was dog-tired.


It was quite plain and soulless… but you know how Frenchies are! I could only vibrate with the oldest classics like “Kelly watch the Stars” and “Sexy Boy”. After the session, I went to the toilet and I heard a guy saying it was “magical”. It really puzzled me…

Flying Lotus

I like the guy and everything but he’s gotta learn to read the audience and sometimes soften his style for the masses. I liked some parts of the session but most of the time I would rather be listening to him on my coach.


One of the nicest surprises of the night. The Polish chick did a superb session. She turned me on to the rhythm of her minimal techno… Quite awesome. Definitely, she build the hype for Plastikman.


I had been dancing for almost 4 hours by then… Then, Plastikman grabbed me by the balls and gave me an hour of the finest minimal. By then I was already quite tired and I was not sure about being able to attend to Booka Shade… I went to refresh my face and then decided to go to 2 Many DJ’s.

2 Many DJ’s

Simply awesome. Great mixing and great communion with the audience. We all were jumping and humming.  Mixing Zombie Nation with MGMT’s Kids and Robot Rock should be forbidden! After that, I left…

Other surprises were Mark Jones and Joy Orbison. At the end, great fun and ambience.

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