Pajares & Esteso

When Spain finally exited the civil war it started a period of poorness and hazards for most of the Spaniards. There were exceptions, of course, but most people had rationed food for a long time, almost till the mid-50s.


When in the beginning of the 60s, the regime opened the country to the foreign currencies and tourists, the economy started to grow steadily till the mid 70s, when due to the oil crisis the country faced again bad times.


Franco was dying, the economy going to the shityard and everybody was dying for a couple of tits on-screen. In this peculiar ecosystem, a phenomenon known by the name of “El Destape”  (lit. “the uncover”) was born. Cheap and stupid comedies where any excuse is good to show some fresh meat.


The pinnacle of that kind of movies comes in the form of two comics, by the name of Fernando Esteso and Andrés Pajares. They are the stereotype of the losers that always try to get rich yet repeatedly fail to achieve any of their dreams.


That kind of character totally fits in the Spain of the 70s/80s so the movies were a huge success.



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