Le souffle au coeur / 好奇心 (1971)

Long time ago I saw this movie and going back to it proved to be a nice experience.

Louis Malle’s “Le souffle au coeur” is like a sweet version of “Les 400 coups”, a lot easier to see but also a lot more shocking. To me this movie could be simplified to just one sentence: “So what?“. Whatever you do doesn’t need to have consequences, just try to enjoy your childhood and teenager days the best way you can and without caring too much about morals or society-imposed rules.

Either if its personal tastes, weird vices or forbidden desires, one has to follow his heart no matter what; and in the movie our young protagonist will have the best teachers: from his awesome brothers (that play tennis with spinach, bring him to whorehouses and give him Cuban cigars) to his promiscuous mother, not to forget colleagues and an awesome Michel Lonsdale playing the role of a chaplain.

The movie features an awesome soundtrack with a lot of great Bebop figures like Charlie Parker or Dizzy Gillespie that keeps the rythm of the images going fast and steady, and I have to admit that this was a strong point when deciding to re-watch it.

The other one was, of course, the awesome Lea Massari, an actress I felt in love with the day I watched “Una Vita Difficile“, where she played the role of Alberto Sordi’s girlfriend. One couldn’t resist her, even if she is your mother.





3 thoughts on “Le souffle au coeur / 好奇心 (1971)

  1. cracksan says:

    Volví a Barcelona 😛 No conseguí encontrar empleo en Osaka así que decidí volver a Barcelona una temporada. Dos días aquí y ya tenía trabajo 😛

    Qué tal tú Nicte?

  2. nictekono says:

    Me alegra por ti, nosotros compramos apartamento, así que cuando quieras darte una vuelta, eres bienvenido, o si nos ganamos la lotería nos vamos a dar una vuelta a Barcelona.


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