Alfie / アルフィー (1966)

The Free Cinema Wave in England pushed a lot of things. Not only it lifted a lot of taboos but also gave a lot of chances to names that wouldn’t have seen the surface (both actors and directors).

In the case of Alfie (1966 film, fellas) we are certainly in front of something different than just a FC film, it’s something with more budget and with a different purpose, but seeing this movie punched me in the guts like any other FC film did, and it also triggered a lot of reflexions to perform later.

Michael Caine, blond curly hair, slim figure, white smile, classy blazer, shiny boots… a ladykiller. That’s Alfie, a man who has no trouble in treating women like shit, use them and throw them without regrets. During almost 90 minutes he will just try to convince us of this, but looks can be deceiving. At the end, just the confirmation.



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