The Servant / 召使 (1963)

Dirk Bogarde is an atypical actor. In a similar way it happened to Rock Hudson in the States, he became a sex symbol in the England of the 60s; note that I say in a similar way because just as Rock seemed to prefer the company of men, Dirk displayed the same tastes. That said (not at that time of course!), he is quite possibly one of the most polyvalent actors of the time and during the Free Cinema Years he did a hell of a job.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to The Servant, a very weird movie featuring Bogarde but also a very young James Fox. The weird relation between a young lord and his servant is used as a pretext to put on the table a lot of taboos (2nd time I used this in the blog) of the era: class struggle, war of sexs or even homosexualism. A very serious and brave movie for its time.

ダーク・ボガードは変な奴だった。彼は六十年代のスターだったけど、フリーシネマの映画にも出た。ザ・セリバントで、彼はお金持ちロルドの召使でも、その家で、だれは本当の召使? ジェームズ・フォックスとかサラ・マイルズも出てる。


2 thoughts on “The Servant / 召使 (1963)

  1. insermini says:

    tengo un buen recuerdo de esta peli. Volvería a verla por James Fox, que me encantó en Performance.

    bienvenido de nuevo a la blogosfera. 😉

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