Plein Soleil / 太陽がいっぱい (1960)

The Talented Mr. Ripley was a 1999 movie in which Jude Law, Gwyneth Patrol and Matt Damon played an adaptation of Patricia’s Highsmith novel. End of story. I’d like, however, to change the title of the movie to The Talented Mr. Ripoff. It’s not a big secret that since the end of the 70s the American Industry ran out of ideas and started looking back to the European cinema in search for directors, ideas and even stars. In this case, the inspiration could have been (aside of the novel which also this movie takes ideas from) 1960’s René Clement Plein Soleil (Purple Noon in English).

What could I say about the movie?

Since I am pretty sure than most of you have already seen the American effort, it’s not that the plot is going to be a very big surprise. The mise en scène, however, is. You have the feeling of watching a succession of real events, specially because the scenes are filmed closely and without any kind of gimmicks. The movie has a lot of contrasts, like most of the PRE/DURING Nouvelle Vague-age films of the time, and the colours in the character’s clothes always have something to do with their psychology. Among them, there is a scene in a fish market where Alain Delon (yep, Matt Damon‘s role is taken here by Delon) walks through a fish market, paying atention to different details and linking them with his current situation. Everything is very subtle, so the viewer doesn’t feel anything but it’s definitely there. What more ? Well, there is Nino Rota in the score and a very brief appearance of Romy Schneider at the very begining. Solid as hell and a LOT more intriguing and enjoyable than the 1999 counterpart.



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