Il gatto a nove code (1971)

After L’ucello dalle piume di cristallo , Argento felt somewhat comfortable doing that kind of films and he continued with a second entry in what later was know as The Animal Trilogy. The movie was called Il Gato a nove code and even though it is a weaker effort than L’Ucello dalle pime di cristallo it still features the Argento signature.

This is...
... Giallo!

Good cinematography, some tits and violence here and there mix altogether in this giallo, even though in this case the cast is very good. A blind man played by Karl Malden is joined by a young James Franciscus, who will put eyes and strength to the brains of his pal.

The plot is as stupid as it gets, being the weaker element in the cocktail. It involves companies doing genetic stuff with the recent theory (back then in the 70s) that related psychopaths to XYY chromosome variations. That said there are the usual plot twists Argento likes to play with, specially at the end.

As I said, the Argento recipe makes wonders and one will find plenty of great moments. Keep an eye to Catherine Spaak playing a femme fatale role. Oh… and the milk… the milk! Here come some screenshots I found interesting enough.

A nice beer garden places our love due in the skyline of... Rome?
You never know when you might need some milk
Argento hints that women might drink milk after sex as well
Blind Malden
Looking at the depths...
Another look at the depths

I love Argento.


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