Vogliamo i colonnelli – Cronaca di un colpo di stato (1973)

Since the last few entries were a bit splatterish, let’s go back to the main path through one of the funniest movies ever produced in the 70s: Mario Monicelli’s Vogliamo i colonnelliSimilar to movies like Claude Lelouch’s L’Aventure c’est Aventure or even Monicelli’s I soliti ignotti, Vogliami i colonelli represents a crude satire of the  Italian society, in a similar way Dino Risis’ Una vita difficile was.

The plot tells us the story of an intent of coup d’état lead by a member of the ultra right-wing (plethoric Ugo Tognazzi) and in which the weirdest elements in the Italian army take part. Pensionaries, colonels from irrelevant corps and geezers that don’t even know what they are doing are the key elements in that coup. You can foresee the results.

A chain of gags seconded by an off-voice who will try to put some serious note to the succession of events, a la Fantozzi.

A Must see.

Doing some research, it appears Mario Monicelli died in 2010, when he jumped through the window of the hospital where he was being attended. What an end. RIP Mario.


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