L’emmerdeur (1973)

Being just a kid, one night my father made me stay till 2AM just to see a movie called L’Aventure c’est aventure, a weird mix of comedy, heist movie and a perfect satire of the society of the 70s. Directed by Claude Lelouch (Vivre pour vivre, A man and a Woman), the movie starred the always great Aldo Maccione but also the fantastic Lino Ventura, Johnny Hallyday and Jacques Brel. For years, that movie stood in my memory and I never hesitate to point certain people to it, specially when they show an hypocrite attitude towards certain matters (from crime, to socialism, to feminism, to… ehrr everything).

Then, one day, I discovered Ventura and Brel also appeared in a flick called l’Emmerdeur (literally the mess-maker) and here is where today’s post begins.

L’emmerdeur is a prodigy of that 60s-70s French comedy I love, with acid humor, clever scenes and dialogs and putting idiots where they belong to: to the top of the podium. With Brel playing the role of a desperate middle class loser just trying to recover his wife and Ventura casting a mafia henchmen hired to kill a certain politician, a nice hotel in Montpellier will become bridge between those two opposite characters.

One thing worth noting is that despite the movie being a comedy, the filming is top-notch, with Raoul Coutard (Pierrot Le Fou, La Chinoise) being the photography director and establishing the perfect compositions in which the two characters will settle their differences.


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