Quadrophenia (1979)

In the London of the 60s, a lot more than a new wave of musicians seemed to breed. The days of the war were long gone and a new society was shaping up, with a growing number of young people deluded with everything and anxious to be something different.

Under that premise, the first urban tribes appeared in the City, and soon also the first clashes. You had to choose: either a mod or a rocker. Different musical tastes, different aesthetics, different bikes but similar milestones: the ones of a youngster.

You can’t get it cooler than a mod

Based on the lines above and The Who’s second opera rock, a movie called Quadrophenia appeared in 1979. Today it’s something more of a movie: it’s a legend.

Movie poster. Do you notice a familiar face? Yep, Sting is there.

Using the songs composed by The Who and having the precedent of their first Opera Rock brought to the screen (Tommy, 1974), Quadrophenia is the story of Jimmy (Phil Daniels), a teenager who looks for an exit to the society, to his parents, to friends, to his job. The problem begins when he starts to realize that what he once believed to be the core and motto of his life, might be nothing more than a facade.

Always travel in first

Lambrettas, Vespas, cool suits, tight jeans, green parkas await you in this musical and lesson of style which I surprisingly to be as valid today as it was back then. You only need your stereo to full volume.

We are the mods! We are the mods!

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