L’homme de Rio (1964)

If a few days ago I introduced you to La Sirenne du Mississipi, with Belmondo and Deneuve, years before Belmondo stared with Deneuve’s sister in an action-packed film called L’homme de rio.

A very simple plot is used as an excuse to bring two of the stars of the French Cinema to Brazil in search for a lost treasure that will be the McGuffin from the beginning to end. Dorleac stars in one of her middle-carreer films and does wonders playing her favorite role, the dominant woman that does as she pleases while Belmondo keeps chasing her from Paris alleys to a Niemeyer-designed Brasilia.

Look for Adolfo Celi (Thunderball, Amici Miei) and keep your ears open, since the soundtrack is really worth it, specially in the Lola scene.

It’s a pity the makeup artist overdid Dorleac’s eyebrows, since I consider her to be one of the most attractive faces ever.

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