La Peau Douce (1964)

Truffaut‘s collaborations with the Dorléac family also contributed to a great film called “La Peau douce” (The soft skin) in which Françoise plays yet another one of those roles it’s impossible not to fall in love with.

The film, however, just uses Dorléac as a tool to move to deeper matters, such as a really strong critic to the bourgeois class. Today, it could be perceived as a bit of a naive film, but enclosed in 1964, there is plenty of signification.

Let’s say you are a middle-age successful man (played by Jean Desailly). You have your wife, your daughter, your great apartment, your brand-new Citroën DS, your cool job where you divagate about deep matters, your interesting and cool friends that always praise you and a whole world that keeps repeating how great you are. Yet one day you slip… and all of a sudden all that castle of perfection trembles.

Beware of men that keep lecturing others, since they are prone to fall in love with the pretty Dorléac!

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The black and white photography is provided by Raoul Coutard (Godard’s inseparable colleague) and shows great close ups for the memory.


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