Cani Arrabbiati (1974)

Breaking my silence after a few months, thanks to this claustrophobic masterpiece by Mario Bava. Bava, who had worked with Dario Argento in the Animal Trilogy but also produced the cult classic Diabolik (1968) presents us this wicked story about criminals on their getaway: Cani Arrabbiati also known as Rabid Dogs.


The filmography abuses of short takes, showing only the sweaty and excited faces of the criminals, putting the viewer on an instant feeling of rejection towards them and their actions. Dottore is the calm and clever boss, Bisturi a psychopath always attached to his knife and 32 the nervous man with a rabid obsession for women.

Confronting them with a man on his way to the hospital with his kid, and a young woman they prev iously kidnapped on their scape, Rabid Dogs (Cani Arrabiati) takes off.


It’s not your average Polizescho, because the point of view is totally focused on the criminals who don’t show the slightest point of good and seem to be all evil. However, as the movie progresses we’ll keep learning more and more about their motivations and, at the end, Brava keeps a surprise that will teach as they weren’t so wrong about everything. In other words, here we won’t have Maurizio Merli to save the party at the very end!


For the lovers of weird movies, look for Luigi Montefiori (Antropophagus) in the role of 32. That man was definitelly tall.


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