5 bambole per la luna d’agosto (1970)

Mario Bava‘s giallos tend to be the best ones. If not for the ammount of blood present on them, one would give them the award just for the cast, cinematography and music package. Such is the case on today’s weird piece: 5 bambole per la luna di agosto.

Plot-wise the movie seems to be another take on Agatha Christie‘s And Then There Were None, just that in this case, and following Bava’s particular style, the characters are 5 top-notch women (Edwige Fennech ammong them) and their husbands. It’s not the best Bava film, in the sense that the plot is quite predictable and boring but, still, one can enjoy it as an explotation flick.

Among the characters, we can find 70’s Erotic myth Edwige Fennech, but also Trudy Farrel or Maurice Poli, who the viewer might recall from Cani Arrabiatti (another of Bava’s films). The acting is not particularly good, but Fennech delivers .One might even think that she completely steals the film, since her appearances always spice up the tone of the giallo!

Bava’s way of filming the scenes is what deserves most credit. He has the ability to film the opulence and glamour in such a way it looks kitsch and cheesy. Some parts are worth a watch, such as Fennech’s initial sexy-dance just for the sake of understanding that particular style. The close-ups, the constant game with the zoom, the obsession with details… That’s what makes Bava’s style instantly recognizable and so unique.

Piero Umiliani provides the soundtrack. A perfect score containing 70s lounge tunes that perfectly match the snob couples’ actions in that paradise.
















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