Mafioso (1962)

White Noiz’s readers know I am a huge fan of Alberto Sordi. Alberto incarnated the image of many Italians, an actor that was fun to all the country and at the same time an image they could identify to. Many of his films are plain comedies, even though some others, while still navigating on the Comedy sea, also bring deeper matters into the screen. That was the case of Una Vita Difficile or I Vitelloni but also of 1962’s Mafioso.

Mafioso, directed by Alberto Lattuada, is the story of a meridionale going back on holiday to his dear Sicily. The movie starts just as a portrayal of many of the topics about Southern people that were so common at the time. Some bad: Mafia, hairy women, poverty… others good: food, family and friendship.

Sordi, a simple man, will have to adapt to this old Sicily he had almost forgotten and do a very special favor for the local Capo. And here is where the movie gets a tad bit more serious… even though, not a lot.

At the end, the viewer will have the need to visit the land of Sicily. If only, to meet Sordi’s hairy “sorella”!

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