Casanova 70 (1965)

I admit it. The title can be misleading and you might think that this is yet another crappy movie with a crappy budget… but it’s not!

Directed by Mario Monicelli in 1965 and with an Academy Award, Casanova 70 stands as an update of the classic text to the modern times the 60s were. Mario Monicelli was quite aware that times were changing and among Ettore Scola, Mario Ferreri or Dino Risi, we could consider him as one of the best directors when satirizing the Italian 60s. Monicelli is acid, fun, imaginative and so is Casanova 70. I promise I’ll dedicate a full post to this man; his end alone is quite descriptive of the character he was: aged 95 he jumped off a hospital window when being diagnosed prostate cancer.

But to the movie. Casanova 70 explains the story of Andrea (Marcello Mastroianni), a NATO major that has some “sexual problems”. The explanation given by his psychiatrist is quite explanatory: his libido doesn’t arise unless he is in a situation of real danger. That will make Andrea play all kind of tricks to place himself in situations of real danger, where he can feel attraction to the wonderful women that appear in the film.

Oh… Did I say women? Casanova 70 has plenty of them. Among others, you’ll find Virna Lissi, Michele Mercier and most important: Marisa Mell. Do you remember the woman playing Eva Kant in Diabolik? That’s her!

Using a perfect screenplay and the talents of Monicelli, the movie also has a perfect soundtrack composed by Armando Trovajoli. The main theme is catchy as hell.

And also, if you dare to watch the film, keep atention to the title credits. Impressive for a 1965 film.

Che figura! Che figura!

Mastroiani and Mell
To the lions…
Young times of Andrea… spying on the pretty neighbour
To the psychiatrist
Getting caught
Casanova 70
In a stripper’s club… Too boring
Full of passion…
Great sense of humor by Monicelli
Il Conde, Andrea and the wife
Playing with “birds”
La portaaaaa
Still needing it


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