60s Lounge Music: some references

One of the coolest things from (mostly) Italian 60s films is the fact that they come with tremendously underrated soundtracks that represent by themselves a full statement.

It’s a statement of life. A statement that you cannot dissociate from the times where that music played and where you find a society (the one represented in the movies) that enjoyed life to full extent.

I’d like to name a few of the greatest guys in the genre: from Armando Trovajoli to Piero Piccioni, Stelvio Cipriani, Luis Bacalov, Gianni del Orso… The list is endless.

Recently, I’ve found a growing trend in the net about people (most of them my age or younger) that pushes back to our days those tunes.

You can find one of the greatest references to old school cinematic lounge in astralprojectrecords but there are plenty of playlists in youtube made by people like Polido Nobre that would also please your ears.

However, my latest discovery has also been one of the most pleasant: a guy who calls himself Javier di Granti and that prepares excellent tapes mixing conceptual stuff from the era. I think nobody understands better what that music triggers in my mind that the guy: sun, beach, pretty and classy women, an aperitivo, the nice Italian sports car… Life as it was intended to be till the 80s arrived.


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